Zeus Electrosex Violet Wand Kit

Zeus Electrosex Violet Wand Kit Zeus Electrosex Violet Wand Kit
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Take your sex life to a new level with the Zeus Electrosex Violet Wand Kit! The violet wand distributes a continuous low current, high-frequency flow of electro-stimulation, which produces highly erotic feelings throughout your body. You can adjust the intensity level with the easy to use dial at the base of the wand. A variety of intensity levels are at your control so you can find the suitable setting that will take you or your partner to the peak of orgasmic bliss.

Understanding the Violet Wand

A Violet Wand is a modified coil-type electrical transformer specifically designed for stimulation on the skin. While noted that it emits a stream of safe low-current, high-frequency electricity, you can think of it as a steady stream of static electrical sparks. With the turn dial at the base you can vary the sensations from a small "fizzle" style feeling all the way up to a more intense, significant sensation. Varying these levels can create a highly erotic and sexually pleasing scene for you and your partner.

Zeus Electrosex Violet Wand Specs and Benefits:

  • Comes with Violet Wand and 3 hand-blown glass attachments
  • Attachment Number 1: Disc attachment that measures approx. 6.75 inches in length
  • Attachment Number 2: Probe attachment that measures approx. 6.25 inches in length
  • Attachment Number 3: Rake attachment that measures approx 6.25 inches in length
  • Emits a stunning orange color during use
  • Creates a new level of e-stim sensation during use
  • Plugs directly into the wall for consistent availability of electrical current
  • Change the intensity level using the handy dial at the base
  • 61 inches of cord connects the wand to the outlet plug
  • Delivers a stream of low-current, high frequency e-stim
  • 80 watts

Step-By-Step Instructions

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