Audio Sex Session: KinkyCasey & Princess Honey Cunt by KinkyCasey

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I was listening to it last night for a little bit and found myself getting aroused. It gave me an idea. What if I recorded my “girlfriend” going down on me, while I listened to this audio? Would the sound of me using her mouth as a masturbatory aid while listening to Princess and Casey get off, come across right? I thought I would talk back to the recording as if I had some part in it… while fucking her mouth harder and faster, timing the release to the audio. Basically, treat my gal as if she was not even there. Just me getting off to these two naughty ladies. My lady friend seemed to take to the idea. So I restarted the audio and began. As the girls got into it, I began to stroke my cock slowly, while she licked my thighs and balls. When I felt the recording was getting sufficiently pleasing, I pulled her mouth onto my now rock hard cock, and used her mouth like a fuck doll… Only slowing when she showed signs of chocking too much ( which quite honestly, sort of pissed me off in an indirect sort of way).
When I decided it was time to come, I pulled her hair so she would release my cock from her mouth, and I forced her face into my balls so she would slather the entire area as I stroked my self with her hair all entangled in my fist, making her head bob violently. Her nails digging into my flesh as she struggled to keep up, wanting to make sure she pleased me properly. I must say, for a short time I completely forgot there was a person with me. I was entirely engrossed in listening to kinkycasey come, and trying to squeeze every ounce of pleasure out of the “thing” I was using to get off with. I came so hard I thought I was going to pass out. When I looked down, all i could see was this beautiful girl covered in come, saliva, running makeup, sweat and a look in her eyes that was begging for more abuse… but alas, I was spent and made her go without for the rest of the night.
I would have never done something that selfish and abusive a while back, but since a near death experience a while back, and my divorce being finalized… I have begun to take a little for myself from life instead of constantly giving to others. Luckily the girl in question knows this and feels the same way. It is liberating to TAKE pleasure for a change, instead of hoping for it.

Anyway, I digress… this recording was very hot, and sort of knowing at least one of the participants made it even hotter. She had no idea what someone was doing while listening to her. No idea that I was using her as much as I was using the girl on the end of my dick. Just tools for my pleasure. A game only I knew about. Thank you ladies. I appreciate what you do, and I hope I can find a way to compensate you for your time.

You all should check out these lovely lovely ladies on tumblr and follow them.
I MAY do this again soon. When an idea pops into my head, sometimes I just have to follow through on the impulse. The thought of using my webcams has begun to make me feel the urge again. Perhaps someone out there would like to watch me masturbate with my girlfriends mouth while listening to some dirty Second Life sex show or another wonderful recording like that done by Princess Honey cunt and Kinky Casey. I will record it first and post it afterwards, since I couldn’t plan this sort of thing. I would have to be inspired to do it, and in a special mood. Nothing that could be planned or forced.

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“This post is most definitely not safe for work or children. Non-kinky types might not enjoy it.I’ve wanted to do this for awhile. But, like most little girls I’m shy and need a Dominant person to coax away my shyness.Enter Princess. ;) While Princess isn’t a Domme, she and I play quite often and even exchange naughty Tumblr posts at times. Our friends and people who have been following me for awhile MAY be able to figure out who Princess is, but for now she wishes to remain anonymous. Kindly keep her name and Tumblr URL to yourself if you know who she is. ;)Thank you for all the kind words and support… lol.. I sincerely hope you enjoy!OH I almost forgot to add the metallic clinking noise you hear is my collar ;)”

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Filthy Little Secrets – MONDY @ 8pm SLT Eden’s Sin Voice Escort Club

Filthy Little Secrets – MONDY @ 8pm SLT Eden’s Sin Voice Escort Club

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